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Amalfi Kitchen Towels - 100% Linen

Sale price340 kr

Why You Will Love the Kitchen Towels:

Tessitura Toscana Telerie's napkins are the epitome of Italian craftsmanship, beautifully merging traditional weaving with modern elegance. Founded in 1947 in Tuscany, this brand is synonymous with quality, creativity, and authenticity. Each napkin is a testament to exquisite detail, tailored from the finest linen and cotton sourced globally. The essence of Tuscan culture is captured in every thread, blending art, craftsmanship, and a zest for life. Celebrated at international trade shows, these pieces not only add sophistication to your dining experience but also embody the heart of Italian luxury.

How to Style It:

The distinctive patterns and superior craftsmanship of Tessitura Toscana Telerie's kitchen towels offer a spectrum of decorative versatility. These elegant towels, with their sophisticated and lasting appeal, are perfect for enhancing the kitchen space. Pair them with simple, fine kitchenware to draw attention to their beauty, or coordinate with Tessitura Toscana Telerie's equally luxurious linens for a cohesive aesthetic. Ideal for both lavish and casual culinary settings, these kitchen towels uplift the heart of the home, adding a dash of Italian sophistication and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The details:

Golden lemons, Sun-kissed oranges and blossoms overlay a mosaic of Mediterranean maiolica patterns, blending rustic charm and elegance on this linen kitchen towel.


  • Made in Florence, Italy
  • Material: 100% Italian Linen; Printed
  • Dimension: 50cm x 70cm  
  • Type: Canovacci – Tea Towel – Kitchen Towel – Dish Cloth


Amalfi Kitchen Towels - 100% Linen
Amalfi Kitchen Towels - 100% Linen Sale price340 kr