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Article: Vase Trend You Must Have, According To Celebrities

Vase Trend You Must Have, According To Celebrities - THEHOUSEFUL

Vase Trend You Must Have, According To Celebrities

Vases are a trend unto themselves right now; the more you have in your home, the better, regardless of material or silhouette. Yet within that category, there are undoubtedly a few styles that have begun to establish themselves as the It pieces of today, showing up in practically every photo and trendy store in existence. And there’s no better proof of that than the vase trends celebrities are currently loving.

You’ve probably already noticed that vessels with curvy shapes and bright colors are having a moment, but the most popular styles of 2021 go further than that. Stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Emily Ratajkowski are showing that it’s now cool to have body-shaped pieces adorning every surface of your home, and others, including Mandy Moore and Elsa Hosk, are obsessing over vases with multiple openings at the top.

The trends don’t stop there, though. And considering it’s a category that not only adds an artistic element to your home, but also encourages the use of flowers and nature, it’s worth exploring its most in-demand aesthetics. To help you out, THEHOUSEFUL has rounded up the five you should know according to celebrities, ahead.

Vase Trend: Concrete Pieces


Though there are a lot of vase trends these days, arguably the most long-standing and ubiquitous is that of the rustic variety. This can vary in aesthetic, but overall it means neutral colors, weathered materials, and classic shapes. As Gabrielle Union demonstrates, this trend looks even better when you pair multiples together and contrast them against a modern backdrop.

Roman Aristocratic Head Concrete Vase - £42 

Vase Trend: Multiple Openings

In 2021, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the more unusual your vase, the more stylish you’re considered. That’s resulted in some seriously unique shapes, one of them being the multiple-opening vase that celebrities including Elsa Hosk, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Mandy Moore have featured in their own homes. Use it to experiment with flowers, or just display it as a sculpture — it’s the ultimate multitasker.

White Tubes Ceramic Vase - £125

Vase Trend: Body Shapes


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve seen the thousands of body-shaped vases permeating Instagram. Kickstarted by the artist Anissa Kermiche, whose Love Handles vase has become somewhat of an icon, you can now find this trend in the spaces of Huntington-Whiteley and Ratajkowski, among many others.

White Body Ceramic Vase with Love Handles - £70

Vase Trend: Mini Sizes

Bud vases have always been around, but nowadays it’s all about getting playful with these tiny pieces. Group a bunch together, combine alternating styles and heights, or even fill them with tall flowers like Tracee Ellis Ross — no matter what you do, it’s sure to look both fun and unexpected.

Gold Face Ceramic Vase - £35

Vase Trend: 3-D Adornments

It’s not enough to just have a couple of handles sticking off your vases anymore. Instead, this year is all about quirky additions on the surface, from small 3-D lemons to butterflies.

Sicilian Lemons Yellow Ceramic Vase - £99 

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