White & Blue Tubes Ceramic Vase

£99.00 £170.00

The White & Blue Tubes Ceramic Vase is a stylish decorative vase. The vase is handmade, making each piece unique. The hand-painted vase has a top gloss surface on a light blue bottom layer that has become the hallmark of our tube vase. Combined together it creates a blue and white spotted effect. The vase can be wonderfully displayed by itself or with a nice selection of flowers. 

Please note, this is a fully handmade product and as such, each piece is different from the others. With our pictures, we have provided the closest representation of the colours and spotted effect. However, the blue and white spotted effect may defer in each product, making it completely unique. 

Designed in Italy
- Artisanal - Fully Hand Made
- Dimension: H33cm x D27cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~3Kg 
- Colour: White


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