Statement vases are the easy-to-update design trend that's sweeping our coffee tables.

Vases that make a statement are back, bigger and bolder than before. Here's how to style the crucial home accessory for the new season.

There are vases that do an excellent job at just holding flowers — vases that you probably forgot you even have. Then there are statement vases, which can completely change the look of a room in a matter of seconds. Colourful, modern patterns and unique forms are dominating the new collections.

In reality, a beautiful container does not always necessitate the use of flowers. Vases are sometimes ignored as an accessory, serving primarily as a receptacle for displaying flowers rather than drawing attention to themselves. Choosing a statement vase, on the other hand, is a simple and effective way to add colour, texture, and shape to a space at any time of year — whether you have a fresh bouquet or not.

Concrete Woman Head Vase                                 The Greek Lady Bust Concrete Vase

Of course, size isn't everything when it comes to a vase making an impact, but a large size does help: even the simplest of designs can create a big impact, particularly when it comes to size.

Another feature to look for in a statement vase is vibrant colour. Bright, vibrant colours are in vogue, and they instantly boost a room's vitality and add individuality.

Sicilian Lemon Ceramic Vase                                                 Sicilian Lemon Vase

Whether it's made of brightly coloured matt ceramic or a fun iridescent glass, a contemporary statement vase commands attention and can easily compete with other decorative items.

People are increasingly purchasing statement vases as freestanding sculptural works, with the vases serving as the centrepiece and, in some cases, the whole arrangement. Statement vases are increasingly being viewed as stand-alone works of art.

Gold Strawberry Vase                                            Gold Strawberry Vase

Whether minimalist and tasteful or a little more unconventional or even risqué, these crossover decorative pieces are in such high demand because their effect in any room is instant. Vases and centrepieces have seen a tremendous increase in popularity as a result of growing awareness for the finer, more ornamental aspects at home. Statement vases and centrepieces are the transformative home accessory, easily added into an existing décor scheme to complement and accentuate your interior style and character. Perfect for embellishing a bare tabletop, sitting atop a cabinet or chimney breast, and even in lieu of wall art.

White Tubes Ceramic Vase                                         White Tubes Ceramic Vase

The statement vases this season are particularly appealing since they may be styled in a variety of surprising ways. A vase that is ultra-modern or strangely formed may give a startling new dimension to a space that is otherwise neutral or even traditionally furnished. Statement vases are the perfect investment items for the new season, as they are more adaptable and utilitarian than wall art.

Sorrento Lemon Vase

                                             Sorrento Lemon Vase