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Salerno Mix Plates Tableware Set - Set of 12

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Why You’ll Love the Salerno Tableware Set:

Embracing the classic charm of Vietri craftsmanship, the Salerno Tableware Set showcases a delightful ensemble of lemons and flowers, reminiscent of the lush gardens of Southern Italy. Each plate features a vivid blend of colors, capturing the essence of a sun-drenched Mediterranean orchard. Handpainted by skilled artisans in Vietri, these plates are more than just dinnerware; they are a celebration of Italian heritage and natural beauty.

The lemons, symbolizing abundance and joy, are paired with delicate floral patterns to create a refreshing and inviting aesthetic. This design, unique to the Salerno collection, brings a cheerful and vibrant energy to any dining table.

How Do I Style It?

The Salerno Tableware Set is perfect for infusing a sense of Italian summer into your dining experience. Whether you're hosting a lively garden party or enjoying a quiet, cozy dinner, these plates add a touch of elegance and brightness. Their lively lemon and floral motif makes them an ideal choice for outdoor dining, brunches, or even to add a splash of color to everyday meals. Pair them with simple, elegant table settings to let their vivid colors and intricate designs truly stand out, creating an unforgettable dining atmosphere."


Each set features 4 dinner plates, 4 pasta bowls and 4 side plates in an array of sumptuous patterns.

- Made in Italy
- Hand Painted
- Dimensions: 4x Dinner Plates Ø26cm, 4x Pasta Bowl Ø24xH4cm, 4x Side Plates Ø20cm
- Colour: Assorted with Blue, Light Blue (Celeste), Turquoise, and Salmon (Orange).
- Material: Ceramic  
- Microwave and dishwasher safe
Salerno Mix Plates Tableware Set - Set of 12 - THEHOUSEFUL
Salerno Mix Plates Tableware Set - Set of 12 Sale price£384.00