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5x Half Empty Orange Glass Tumblers

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The "Mezzo Vuoto" or "Half Empty" concept presents a fascinating blend of philosophy and design, skillfully applied to glassware. The idea taps into the age-old question of whether a glass is half empty or half full, symbolizing perspectives of optimism (half full) and pessimism (half empty). This concept, deeply rooted in philosophical debates, cleverly juxtaposes with the practical use of the glass.

The design choice to use glass crystal adds an element of elegance and sophistication. The incorporation of a flash of color at the base of each tumbler adds a distinct aesthetic appeal, while the clear top maintains a sense of traditional glassware. The handcrafted nature of these tumblers further adds to their uniqueness and charm.

Intended for versatile use, these glasses can serve water, cocktails, or soft drinks. This flexibility makes them suitable for various occasions, whether formal or casual. The underlying philosophy of balance between opposites, akin to the principles of Yin and Yang or the concept of positive and negative, infuses these glasses with more than just a functional role; they serve as a conversation piece and a reflection of deeper philosophical ideas.

In essence, the "Mezzo Vuoto" glasses are not just drinkware but a blend of art, philosophy, and functionality, making them a unique addition to any table setting.

Complete the Set with the Half-Full Tumblers

- Designed in Italy by Cristallerie Livellara Milano
- Artisanal
- Dimension H9.5cm x D7cm - 330ml
- Material: Glass
- Colour: Orange - Top
- 5x Tumblers 
Mezzo Vuoto Amber Tumbler (Box of 6) - THEHOUSEFUL
5x Half Empty Orange Glass Tumblers Sale price£45.00 Regular price£75.00