Bordallo Pinheiro Cloudy Butterflies Salad Bowl


The Small Butterfly Bowl by Claudia Schiffer for Bordallo Pinheiro is a totally hand-made piece of art crafted by master ceramists in Portugal. Featuring a series of colourful 3D butterflies applied on an elegant white surface, this statement bowl will make stand out any home.

A world reference in fashion, Claudia Schiffer has allied her appreciation of the English countryside with butterflies in the style of Bordallo Pinheiro, creating pieces of great sensibility and elegance. Combining a personal vision with decorative naturalism, while pursuing the functional purpose, Claudia Schiffer has created a series of pieces that stand out for their artistic hand-painting, whose character tends more toward the abstract.

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- Hand Made in Portugal
- Designed by Claudia Schiffer for Bordallo Pinheiro
- Dimension: H11.0cm X L29.0cm X W24.9cm
- Capacity: 3L
- Material: Earthenware Ceramic
- Weight: 1Kg 
- Colour: White with Applied Coloured Butterflies 

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