Sicilian Lemon Head Vase

Why you’ll love the Sicilian Lemon Head Vase:

Sicily is known as "The Lemon Riviera," and it is home to the world's finest lemons. Now, you can bring a lemony splash of Italy into your house with this vibrant vase. Each vase is meticulously handcrafted and adorned with around 20 life-sized ceramic lemons to make the ultimate vase that will never shrivel with age. This vase is a ray of Sicilian sunlight that will brighten up any room, even on a cloudy day.

How do I style it?

There are so many ways to style this artisanal vase. Add freshly-cut flowers or a potted plant. You’ll really feel as though you’re walking through a Mediterranean lemon grove, with fragrant flowers gently blossoming around you.

Or, you can simply enjoy the vase as a standalone piece of art. The beauty of this vase lies in its versatility. It can take centre stage on the dining room table at your next dinner party, or it can display your utensils on a sun-drenched kitchen window sill.

The details:

A statement-making vase featuring a head with ceramic lemons.

Designed in Italy
- Artisanal
- Dimension H28cm x D26cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~5Kg 
- Colour: Yellow

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