Sicilian Fruity Moor Head Vase


The famous Sicilian characters in the Testa di Moro legend are represented in this range of delightful vases.

These exquisite Sicilian Head Vases feature beautiful colouring with aspects of lively blue, green and yellow. The characters can be placed in any area of the home, making these pieces a truly original furnishing accessory.

Coming in a colourful gift box, this makes these vases the perfect gift!

Despite their popularity, few people know these precious vases have a long history that intertwines with legend. Read the full story in our blog post here.

- Designed in Italy
- Hand Made, no one product will ever be exactly identical to another.
- Size: H15cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Available as: 1x Man Head Vase, 1x Woman Head Vase, or as a Set of 2 Vases (Woman + Man Head Vases)

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