Sicilian Fruity Moor Head Vase


Why you’ll love the Sicilian Fruity Moor Head Vase:

Available individually or as a set of two, these elegant ceramic vases depict the famous characters from the ancient Sicilian love story of Testa di Moro. The vases are each handmade with vibrant shades of blue, yellow and pink, so each one is unique.

‘Testa di Moro’ or ‘Moor Heads’ are renowned throughout Italy, yet few people know the long history behind them – you can read the story in our blog post.

Whether you choose one artisanal vase or a set of two, it makes the ideal gift for a loved one (or yourself!) and will arrive in a colourful gift box for a truly Mediterranean feel.

How do I style it?

The vase can be placed anywhere in your home, from a kitchen shelf or windowsill to artfully sitting on your coffee table. You could pop in a small potted plant how about herbs to compliment the story? Small succulents also really help to bring these characters to life.

Or, you can simply enjoy the vase as a standalone piece of art, to add an authentic touch of Sicily to your home.

The details:

A statement-making vase depicting ornate characters from a Sicilian love story.

- Designed in Italy
- Hand Made (no two are the same!)
- Size: H15cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Available as: 1x Man Head Vase, 1x Woman Head Vase, or a Set of 2 Vases

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