Red Pompom Soft Baskets


A stunning trio of baskets, the perfect storage solution for books, soft furnishings, trinkets and more. This set of fringe baskets feature a natural cotton body with a blue rim and bold red pom-poms. A stunning addition to spaces throughout the home, including the living room and bedrooms.

Hide your things in plain sight with storage boxes. Whether you’re a ‘throw and go’ or an ‘everything in its place’ person, a storage box creates a tidy look and complements your style.

- Sold as Small, Medium, Large or Set of 3 Baskets
Imported from Italy
- Artisanal
- Dimension: H19cm x D33cm (Large) / H17cm x D30cm (Medium) /  H15cm x D25cm (Small)
- Material: Fabric
- Weight: ~1Kg 
- Colour: Cream and Red



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