Positano Hybrid Side Plate


Why you’ll love the Positano Hybrid Side Plate:

Just imagine the dinner party table you could set with these dishes. Is it eclectic or what? But also classic – as the designs are well-known. But combine design & Italian creativity split down the middle and suddenly, the final result becomes much more than the two designs could ever be on their own. This is table art as much as it is functional!

How do I style it?

Positano Hybrid tableware already holds a special place in the hearts of design-lovers. If you’re on the lookout for something less conventional for those special occasions, then this is something to have. 

- Made in Italy with Decalcomania Technique
- Two different designs split down the middle

- Dimension H2cm x D21cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~0.5Kg 
- Dishwasher & Microwave Safe 

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