Pompei Multi-Pattern Ceramic Vase

£45.00 £89.00

If you're searching for some cool home decor, you've found it in this Pompei Multi-Pattern Ceramic Vase. This tall vase has a gourd shape with lots of personalities, from its bold silhouette to the grainy, multi-coloured zigzag tribal pattern juxtaposed against the rose-blue-brown, smooth base glaze. The silhouette is lovely with its tall neck, providing clean lines and a modern shape contrasted against the movement and colour of the tribal pattern that is coarse to the touch.

Complete this look by pairing the vase with the smaller Vesuvio Multi-colored Zigzag Ceramic Vase.

- Designed in Italy
- Dimension H34cm x D20cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~3Kg 
- Colour: Multi


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