Orange Fruit Cereal Bowl


Why you’ll love the Orange Fruit Ceramic Bowl:

Our fun fruit plates and bowls are the easiest way to add a fresh dash of colour to any meal, from breakfast through to late-night supper. Designed in Italy, the Orange Fruit Ceramic Bowl reflects the shape and colour of the fruit itself, complete with a textured exterior. You can almost smell the oranges in the air, while you serve up your best-loved meals with family and friends.

How do I style it?

This bowl is ideal for any occasion, from serving spicy salsa at a summer BBQ, to sprouts for Christmas dinner – it’ll have you reminiscing about the oranges in your stocking you had as a child. Why not try pairing the bowl with the matching plate, or mixing and matching with our other fruity favourites? When you’re not using the bowl, you can lovingly display it on your kitchen shelves, or even use it as a fruit bowl.

The details:

A bowl designed in the likeness of an orange, equally practical and playful.

- Designed in Italy
- Dimension H6cm x ø15cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~0.30Kg 
- Colour: Orange

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