Orange Cactus Oven Mitt/Pot Holder

£15.00 £24.00

If you’re reaching for folded up dish towels to handle the hot stuff in your kitchen, it’s time to consider new and trendier options. You need better gear to protect yourself from Aubergine Parmigiana cast iron, scorching splashes of Lasagna, boiling pasta water, and Pasta al Forno that weigh a ton.

Our unique Cactus Pot Holder will personalize your kitchen, feel comfortable in your hand, and keep you free from burns.

The Orange Cactus Oven Mitt/Pot Holder is handcrafted in the magic island of Sicily using a resistant green suede fabric for the holder part and an linen fabric for the orange parts. 


- Hand Made in Italy
- Dimension: 42x23cm 
- Material: Suede and Linen Fabrics
- Weight: 0.20Kg 
- Colour: Green and Orange

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