Deruta Breakfast Mix - Set of 8


Why you’ll love the Deruta Breakfast Mix - Set of 8:

Deruta is a small Umbrian town less than 15 minutes from Perugia that was home to Renaissance greats like Perugino (Raphael's mentor) and Pinturicchio. For nearly 300 years, Deruta has been known for its ceramics. Immerse yourself in the creativity by recreating an authentic Italian dinner table in your own home. Prepare to feel as if you're dining with Michelangelo and Raffaello right next to you. 

How do I style it?

Simply mix and match the different types of plates for each guest before enjoying a meal together. These plates and bowls are ideal for cereal, salad, rice dishes and breakfast. It's a lovely addition to your breakfast, drawing inspiration from the Umbria region. Display your plates as décor on your shelves to add a touch of Italian Renaissance to your kitchen or dining room.


Each set features 4 Cereal Bowls and 4 Small Plates (randomly selected based on availability) in an array of sumptuous patterns (please note, the patterns will be selected randomly according to availability).

- Made in Italy
- Dimension: Bowl H8cm x ø14.5cm - Plate H2.5cm x ø22.5cm
- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~4Kg 
- Microwave and dishwasher safe 

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