Italian Chic Light Blue Tableware Set of 12


Why you’ll love the Italian Chic Light Blue Tableware Set of 12:

Capri Blue Tableware, inspired by the colours and shapes of Capri, invites the Capri island spirit, elegance, joy, and simplicity into your home. These lovely handpainted plates from Italy will transport you to a sunny day dining among the island's famous lemon trees, with the aroma of fresh cooking wafting through the air.

How do I style it?

These plates will bring a true Mediterranean feel to your next meal, whether it’s a casual weeknight or a special occasion with your nearest and dearest. Simple and elegant, the sleek blue lines are the perfect addition for either al fresco dining or adding a splash of summer to warm meals in the cooler months.


Each set features 4 dinner plates, 4 pasta bowls and 4 side plates.

- Light blue embossed decoration
- Made in Italy
- Hand-painted

- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~8Kg 
- Dishwasher & Microwave Safe 
- Dimensions: 4x Dinner Plates Ø27cm, 4x Bowl Ø22cm, 4x Side Plates Ø20cm

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