Bleu Cobalt Gaïa Vase by Anne Podbielski


Why you’ll love the Bleu Cobalt Gaïa Vase by Anne Podbielski:

Gaïa was carved out of white marble more than 20 years ago. Today Anne is giving her a second life and reforging her in ceramic. She collaborated with some of the best local ceramists in Portugal to create high-quality vases. Because each piece is 100% handcrafted, the texture and colour will vary from one vase to the next, making each vase unique.

About the Artist?

Anne Podbielski was raised in Geneva, where she pursued art. Her sense and studies lead her to pure forms, combining strength and simplicity. Through simple masks, individual complexity emerges. Drawn to stone from an early age, she carved gypsum, marble, granite, and alabastos by hand and discovered bronze's texture and colour combination. Her rounded characters combine abstraction with positivity. She's inspired by Brancusi, J. Epstein, Moore, and Easter Island. Anne recently moved to Portugal, where she works with local craftsmen to create homeware. Her sculptures strive to bring art into everyday lives. 

The details:

Gaïa is a ceramic vase hand made in Portugal. This timeless piece can be filled with flowers or simply exposed as it is.

Perfectly paired with the Blanc Craquelé Gaïa Vase

Hand Made in Portugal by Master Ceramists 
- Dimension H30.5cm x D12cm x W15cm
- Material: 100% Ceramic
- Weight: 1.5Kg 
- Colour: Bleu Cobalt

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