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4x Mix Roman Plates

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Why you’ll love the Roman Plates:

Emperor Nero was the Roman emperor most associated with food. Nero was known for his luxurious and expensive lifestyle, which included fine meals and excessive feasting. The Roman Collection will add colour and sympathy to the table. These lovely plates, handpainted in Vietri by traditional artists, will transport you to Emperor Nero's lavish banquets, complete with delicacies and unique dishes, as well as a talented musician, poet, and charioteer, among other things.

How do I style it?

These plates will bring a true Roman feel to your next meal, whether it’s a casual weeknight or a special occasion with your nearest and dearest. Bold and bright, the vibrant "Face" is the perfect addition for either al fresco dining or adding a splash of summer to warm meals in the cooler months.

- Made in Italy
- Hand Painted
- Material: Ceramic
- Weight: ~0.5Kg 
- Dishwasher Safe 
- Dimension: 
-- Dinner Plate: H3cm x D26cm
-- Bowl: H4cm x D24cm
-- Side Plate: H3cm x D20cm
4x Mix Roman Plates - THEHOUSEFUL
4x Mix Roman Plates Sale price£120.00 Regular price£128.00