Made in Italy and inspired by traditional ceramics

Made in Italy

Bring a taste of the Italian Coastline to your table.
With a selection of lavish designs in a rich earthy palette, our plates are authentic Italian tableware at its best.
Made in Italy

All products in the italian collection are made in Italy. From start to finish.

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The people love our ceramics and we love them :)

Hand Finished

Our ceramics are made with a combination of machine and hand production. To keep the price competitive and the quality high.  

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Quality that doesn't weight on the wallet

Made in Italy with the supervision of expert craftsmen.
Flat items such as plates and bowls are made using an automated mould process. A wad of clay is placed onto the mould, then the roller head (a tool that forms the item) comes down to make the item by rolling the clay over the mould. These are then placed in a dryer and once dry, are sent for sponging where the plate is smoothed by hand. Prints or ‘transfers’ are usually applied to the ware by skilled craftsmen, the plate is then re-fired so that it becomes both dishwasher and microwave safe.


Mixing and Matching is the key to this tableware

Bring a taste of the Amalfi Coastline with the Salerno Tableware. Made in the famous Salerno Region of Italy, this ceramics will make your dining table explode.  


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