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Amalfi Nuts Green Bowl Waves

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 Why you’ll love our Amalfi Nuts Bowls:

Experience the essence of Italian elegance with our Amalfi Nuts Bowls, beautifully showcasing a harmonious blend of colors that reflect the vibrant spirit of Vietrese artistry. These bowls are a testament to timeless style, gracefully merging traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Handcrafted in Vietri by skilled artisans, the bowls radiate with a spectrum of lively hues, bringing to mind the picturesque Amalfi Coast basked in sunlight. Envision relishing your favorite nuts and treats, each serving enriched by the dynamic and captivating colors of these exquisite bowls.

How do I use them?

Embark on a visual and culinary journey with our Amalfi Nuts Bowls. Ideal for both personal enjoyment and social gatherings, these bowls infuse any occasion with a touch of Mediterranean flair. Their vibrant color combinations add a lively ambiance to every snack, transforming ordinary moments into special ones. Whether gracing a sunlit patio or brightening up an indoor table setting, these bowls are versatile enough to complement any environment. Transform your snack time into an elegant experience, cradling the vibrancy of the Mediterranean in your hands

- Made in Italy
- Hand Painted
- Dimension ø10xH5cm
- Material: Ceramic  
- Dishwasher safe
- Colour: various 

Amalfi Nuts Green Bowl Waves
Amalfi Nuts Green Bowl Waves Sale price144,00 kr